AA Insurance Rule Change Warning

As New Years Day dawns so a new rule will come into force that could affect many thousands of drivers warns the AA Insurance department.

January 1 will be the day when the time insurers have to register their customers information on the central Motor Insurance Database is reduced from 14 days to 7. The rule is being introduced to try and reduce the issue of uninsured drivers, giving them less time in the loophole that currently exists.

The problem though may well be for the simply forgetful drivers, especially since the database is the one used by the police to access information on vehicles they check on the roads. Of course all drivers should be well aware of when their insurance is due for renewal and deal with it in good time, but there are times when that just doesn’t happen, holidays for example, and the smaller window means more drivers will appear as uninsured.

Current figures show around five percent of drivers on the road are uninsured, with a resultant cost to insurers, like AA Insurance, of around GBP 500 million each year. This cost has to be borne by someone of course, and that someone are the other drivers who are insured.

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