Alfa Romeo Car Insurance

Alfa Romeo car insurance needs to offer the cover options you need, but only at the right price.

Let us search for the cheapest Alfa Romeo car insurance quotes for you and compare rates from hundreds of motor insurance providers and brokers.

Alfa Romeo Car Insurance

  • The car manufacturer Alfa Romeo is an Italian made car and a much underrated one, it boasts well made performance cars or sport cars. The Alfa brand represents the Italian spirit and good looks along with a fast outlook on life. It is well designed with many features but is classically styled with clear defining sporty features. For more information about the Alfa Romeo car portfolio go to their official website here:
  • So just how do you go about getting cheap Alfa Romeo car insurance? Well if you following some of these simple steps, it will help to reduce your premium. Park your Alfa Romeo in a secure place such as a garage or on your driveway overnight. You can also have a car alarm system fitted, but an approved car alarm, immobilizer or even a tracking system could reduce your premium by as much as 5 per cent.
  • Increasing you’re voluntary excess can also help towards getting a cheaper Alfa Romeo car insurance quotation, because it means that in the event of a claim you will help by paying out more money.
  • Sporty cars like the Alfa Romeo do cost more to insure because of their large engine types and insurance companies tend to categorize them in high insurance groups.
  • The Alfa Romeo 147 is classed between car insurance group 11 and 14. It’s one of their best performing cars, and drivers if this car, purchase it for performance and speed, however it may seem it be a bit over priced.
  • The Alfa Romeo GTV Coupe is classified in car insurance group 16 to 20 and is compared to the BMW 3 series, with its powerfully engine this car is also built for performance.

Alfa Romeo Overview

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