Audi Car Insurance

Audi car insurance can offer you great savings for your Audi TT or Audi Q7; see how much you could save!

One of the best ways to get the cheapest Audi car insurance is always to shop around and compare quotes from other motor insurers and brokers.

Audi Car Insurance

  • Audi the German car manufacturer is one of the biggest manufacturers on the globe, is well known for producing cars that are considered technically brilliant, sophisticated and stylish. Audi are always striving for very high standards and you can also count on these cars being well made with many safety features as standard. For more detailed information about the Audi car portfolio you can always visit their official website here:
  • In order for you get cheap Audi car insurance online and reduce your insurance premium you can take note and start to implement some of these tips. One of the most obvious questions is do you require fully comprehensive cover or will third party fire and theft do? Driving more carefully on the roads can have its advantages especially to insurers because if you where to join the Pass Plus driving scheme or an advanced drivers test you could potentially save up to 35 per cent off your motor insurance premium from most insurers.
  • Another way to get cheaper Audi car insurance is to start to build up your no claims discount and you can even protect your no claims bonus for a few extra pounds, this will then protect your discount that could be as much as 75 per cent with some insurers, if you were to make a claim on your insurance policy.
  • Quality cars like the Audi do tend to cost more to insure as they have large cc engines, however this car range has good mix of low and high categorization for insurance groups.
  • The Audi A3 has been placed between car insurance group 9 and 18 depending on engine size and features. This considered by many to be a bit pricey when you first purchase the car, but has great standards for performance and reliability.
  • The Audi A4 has been placed between car insurance group 10 and 20. This is more of an sporty car that is considered classy and very stylish, with many features as standard perfect for the driving around town. Most models come fitted with immobilizer and alarm.
  • The Audi A6 has been placed between car insurance group 13 and 20. This is definitely a vehicle for the executive car with its elegant looks and comfortable interior. It’s good on performance and handling.

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