Fiat Car Insurance

Fiat Car Insurance quotes can get you great value insurance on your Punto or Panda, get a quote through us and see how much money you could save!

In order to get the cheapest Fiat car insurance quotation you need to shop around and start comparing the features and discounts from other motor insurers and brokers.

Fiat Car Insurance

  • Fiat is an Itlaian car manufacturer who is considered to be one of the big manufacturers on the planet. Popular cars from this brand include the Punto, Panda and Stilo. They are renowned for making small affordable cars, and because they have a small cc engine and are very affordable they are also cheap to insure, starting off at insurance group 3. These cars are very popular with younger drivers as they boast low running costs and cheap insurance. For more information on any of the Citroen car range why not visit their official website here:
  • Getting cheap Fiat car insurance, how do I do it? Well there are lots of ways you can go about to try and save you money on your motor insurance policy, here are just a few examples. Always fit a car alarm or immobilizer on your vehicle as a security measure against thieves, as many of the cheaper cars don’t have them installed as standard.
  • Car insurance companies will reduce your premium with a discount if you have a Pass Plus certificate. You can also reduce the cost a little by paying a higher voluntary excess on your policy, but this means that you will have to pay out more money in the event of an accident or claim.
  • Cars from the Fiat range will cost you a lot less to insure as they are categorized into low range insurance groups.
  • The Fiat Punto has been placed in to car insurance group 3 and 14 and is dependant on which model of car you own. The Punto is small family car that is great for young drivers or for running around town in, and is considered cheap to buy.
  • The Fiat Panda has been placed in to car insurance group 1 and 3. This car is probably one of the cheapest cars to insure at group one and is the perfect city runabout vehicle because it is small and cheap to run on petrol. This car is very popular with young driver or first time car buyers looking to buy a car because of it low running costs and low insurance group, so the cost of owning a car like this is very low.
  • The Fiat Stilo has been placed in to car insurance group 5 and 15, but depends on which car model you owned. The car is a lot bigger than the Punto and Panda, and is popular family car that is more suited for longer distance traveling, with lots of space and comfort inside. The Stilo is considered great value for money when purchased and for a family sized vehicle insurance group 5 will be hard to beat. It offers motorists very cheap motoring for a family car.

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