Ford Car Insurance

Ford Car Insurance quotes can save you time and money getting you covered for your Fiesta or Mondeo, see how much money we could save you!

To get the cheapest Ford car insurance quote all you need to do is shop around and then start to compare the features and rates from other motor insurers and brokers.

Ford Car Insurance

  • Ford the car manufacturer is an American company that today is considered one of the biggest and well known companies in the world. Ford has always been for many years a very popular car brand in the UK. The late Henry Ford was the guy how started the company off with his mass production of cars. The Ford car range is very inexpensive cars to buy, so they will appeal to the mass market. They are also very good on running costs and have low insurance group ratings. For more information on any of the Ford car range visit their official website here:
  • So just how do I go about getting cheap Ford car insurance? The answer is pretty simple, just try and implement the following cost saving tips. Having a good no claims bonus for a period of above fours years should get you a good no claims discount when you go to purchase your car insurance, you can get between 60 and 75 percent off with some motor insurance companies. But if you don’t have a good no claims history or you are just starting out, then you need to try and build this up over the next few years, because it can make a big difference towards saving money on your premium.
  • You can arrange to pay a higher voluntary excess on your policy, this will help bring the price down a bit, but don’t forget if you need to make a claim in the future you will have to pay out the agreed amount of money to the car insurance company, before they will start doing anything.
  • Cars from the Ford range will cost you much less to insure than other brands because they are categorized into a lower insurance group.
  • The Ford Fiesta is placed in to car insurance group 4, because it is a small car with a small cc engine and does cost that much to buy. The Fiesta is a very affordable car for most motorists to buy; it is great as a run around car in the city or town. It is also a good first car to buy because of its low running costs and appeals well to young drivers and first time drivers due it having a very low insurance group rating of 4. Make sure the car is fitted with a car alarm or immobilizer to help reduce the cost of the premium.
  • The Ford Focus has been placed into car insurance group 4 and is considered an excellent purchase offering great value for money. It’s a small family car that again is very inexpensive to buy and run appealing to many drivers of all ages. Implementing security feature on the car such as a car alarm will help to bring the cost of the policy down.
  • The Ford Mondeo has been placed into car insurance group 8 and above depending on which model you want to insure. This car is a saloon car that is perfect for the family offering lots of space inside and many interior features. You tend to see a lot of these cars driving on the motorway. Insurance group 8 is very good for a car of this class and also offers cheaper running costs when compared to some of its rivals.

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