Honda Car Insurance

Honda Car Insurance quotes could save you time and money when getting cover for your Civic or Accord, see how much money we could save you online!

The best way to get the cheapest Honda car insurance quote is to shop around online and then compare all the rates and features against one another from other motor insurers and brokers.

Honda Car Insurance

  • Honda is a car manufacturer from Japan and is said to e one of the best producers when it comes to new technology and development. Popular cars include the Civic, Accord and the NSX. The build quality of these cars is excellent and the handling to, but they do seem a bit pricey when compared to other car manufacturers for the same type of car. For more information on any of the Honda car range visit their official website here:
  • Here are a few way to get cheap Honda car insurance! You can agree to a mileage restriction when driving, this could save on average around 100 pounds off your premium. Also when you state your annual mileage on the quote, try to be honest as if there are any inaccuracies you could find your claim to be invalid.
  • The security of your car overnight is deemed to be important to car insurance companies and can reduce your quote quite bit, so if you can park your car in the garage or in private grounds do so.
  • Cars from the Honda range have been categorized into mid range insurance groups.
  • The Honda Civic has been placed between car insurance group 4 and 17, and depends on what model type you want to insure. The civic boasts a spacious and comfy interior with good driving ability. It’s not the best looking car in the world, but the Type-R is nice with extremely good performance. It was in the year 2004 voted Car of the Year by What Car magazine. For safety the car scored four stars in the crash test.
  • The Honda Accord has been placed between car insurance group 11 and 14. This car is a family car that rivals against the Ford Mondeo. The main problem is that it is much more expensive when compared to its competition. It does offer good driving ability and space for the children in the back.
  • The Honda NSX has been classes as car insurance group 20 because it is considered to be in the same class as the Porsche. The performance and handling of this car is very good, but it is very expensive to own and run with an insurance group rating of 20.

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