Jaguar Car Insurance

Jaguar car insurance quotes can save you time and money when getting cover for your X type or S type Jag, why not get a quote and see how much money we could save you!

I know Jaguar produce prestigious cars and therefore insurance will probably be costly, but one of the best ways to get the cheapest Jaguar car insurance is to try and shop around until you get a quote that you’re happy with. Compare each motor insurance company and broker, and all the main benefits of the policy.

Jaguar Car Insurance

  • Jaguar is car manufacturer in the UK that produces prestige cars all over the world. Jaguar is now solely owned by the Ford Motor Company today. They have a many popular cars in their range such as the S type, X type and XJ Series. They are very popular with executives offering a luxury and comfortable driving experience. For more information on any of the Jaguar car range why not please visit their official website here:
  • Here a just a few simple steps of how to get cheap Jaguar car insurance quotes online. You can start by implementing if you have not already done so, car security features such as fitting your car with an immobilizer, tracking devise or a standard car alarm system. Showing the insurance company that you are implementing such methods of security will help reduce to the cost of your insurance premium.
  • You can also if you like, adopt to pay a higher voluntary excess on your policy. The problem here is that in the event of a claim or an accident you will have to pay the excess amount to the insurer before they will sort out your claim. This method can potentially save you some money off your premium.
  • Cars from the Jaguar range have been categorized into high insurance groups because they are considered an expensive and prestigious car.
  • The Jaguar X Type has been placed between car insurance group 13 and 16. This car has a mass market appeal and is competing with the likes of Mercedes and BMW. The cost of buying an X type is very affordable and is a great family and executives car. Alarm and immobilizer are fitted as standard on this vehicle that helps make the X Type one of the cheapest Jaguars to insure starting at group 13.
  • The Jaguar S Type has been placed between car insurance group 14 and 19. The S Type has all the luxurious features that you would come to expect when purchasing a Jaguar. But the cost for car insurance is quite high starting at group 14.
  • The Jaguar XJ Series has been placed between car insurance group 15 and 20 and is a beautiful prestige car that rivals the BMW 7 Series for features and performance. Although the cost of insurance is high, don’t forget you are driving an XJ Series that is a luxury car.

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