Lexus Car Insurance

Making sure you get the right cover is very important when searching for Lexus car insurance. Compare with us and see how much money we could save you!

Lexus produce quality vehicles that are expensive to buy and insure, but one of the best ways to get the cheapest Lexus car insurance is to get shopping around and compare as many insurance companies and brokers as you can.

Lexus Car Insurance

  • Lexus the car manufacturer is owned by Toyota and produces many top quality prestigious cars all over the globe. Lexus is in competition with car brands like BMW and Mercedes all competing in the luxury car market. Their cars are renowned for being extremely well built and good value for money when compared to other car makers. Popular cars from their range include the SC430 and LS430. For more information on any of the Lexus motor car range visit their official website here:
  • So just how do I get cheap Lexus car insurance? As well as shopping around and comparing all the deals you can also choose to pay higher voluntary excess on your policy if you want. Be careful here though because in the event of you making a claim, you will have to pay the agreed excess amount to the insurer before the claim can be started.
  • In addition to shopping around for the best discounts online, you can secure cheap Lexus car insurance by being proactive with your car’s security. This means fitting an immobiliser if it doesn’t already have one in place and parking your Lexus in a garage overnight.
  • Try to build up as many years of no-claims as you can while you’re driving as this can make a big difference on the cost of your quotation. Some car insurance companies offer a discount of between 60 and 75 per cent depending on how many years you have on your existing policy document. If you have more than 4 years no claims bonus then you can get a good discount from most insurers.
  • Cars from the Lexus range have been categorized into high insurance groups because they are considered prestigious and expensive cars.
  • The Lexus SC430 has a car insurance group rating of 19 because it is a high performance sports car at the end of the day with a 4 litre engine. This car is very similar in class to the BMW M3.
  • The Lexus LS430 has been placed in car insurance group 17. It’s a business person’s people carrier providing comfort and luxury. This insurance group is quite high for this type of vehicle at group 17.

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