Mazda Car Insurance

Now you can get Mazda car insurance quotes online, saving you time and money when searching for a policy to cover your Mazda MX 5 or RX 8.

If you want to find the cheapest Mazda car insurance quote around in the UK, all you need to do is shop around and compare quotes from more than one car insurer.

Mazda Car Insurance

  • Mazda is a Japanese car manufacturer that makes cars all over the world and has a good reputation for their cars being reliable and dependable. Development of the cars through new technology has meant they are a major player in producing quality cars. Their cars are often considered a bit pricey when compare to competitors though. For more information on any of the Mazda car range visit their official website here:
  • In order to get cheap Mazda car insurance you’ll need to drive a Mazda 2 rather than a Mazda RX-8, as the Mazda 2 has a lot smaller engine compared to the big RX 8, this can make a big difference on which car insurance group category your car is placed in. There are other ways to help reduce the cost of your premium such as where you park your car overnight; if you park your car in a garage you’ll get an additional discount off your premium.
  • Driving carefully on the roads can help reduce the cost of insurance, building up over 4 years no claims bonus can get you a good discount, some insurers offer up to 75 per cent.
  • Cars from the Mazda range have been categorized into mid range insurance groups because they are considered reasonable cars to purchase and run.
  • The Mazda 323 has been placed between car insurance group 3 and 8. This car is great for the family and looks pretty good for a hatch back too. This car is competing against the VW Golf and the Ford Focus and is considered a family car that is good value for money. Insurance group 3 is low for this type of car.
  • The Mazda 626 has been placed between car insurance group 7 and 13 depending on the engine type. These cars are reasonably priced to buy offer good driving ability on the road and look quite stylish as well. It’s a pretty economical car to maintain and run, with low insurance group rating. The cars are also fitted as standard an alarm, that helps keeps intruders out.
  • The Mazda MX5 is a two seater sports cars that has been placed between car insurance group 11 and 16. For a sports car the insurance costs are reasonable starting at group 11.

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