Mini Car Insurance

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Mini Car Insurance

  • The Mini is now owned by BMW a German car manufacturer. The Mini is a small car that looks really cool and the driving ability and performance is excellent too. The Mini has been a great success in the UK and is considered to be one of the best small cars on the road today. Popular models include the cooper and mini one. Mini drivers are very lucky as they their car is one of the least cars to depreciate in the UK. For more information on any of the Mini car range please visit their official website here:
  • How to obtain a cheap Mini car insurance quotation? There are many steps that you can take such as limit the number of people that you have on your policy, try and make sure that they are above twenty five years old, otherwise the cost of your premium might go up a bit.
  • When filling the quote form in the voluntary excess box, try paying more excess in the event of an accident or claim. This will help bring the cost down, but don’t forget if you do make a claim then you’ll have to pay the agreed excess to the insurance company first before they will act on your behalf and sort out your claim. Many of the Minis do have alarms installed as standard so that should help bring the cost down also.
  • Cars from the Mini range have been categorized into low insurance groups because they are a small car and inexpensive to buy.
  • The Mini One has been placed in car insurance group 5 that is low for a quality small car like this. These cars are well built, have great handling ability and good performance for a small car but they are not very practical and only have small space in the back and not much boot space. But overall it’s a excellent buy, low insurance costs and a reasonable purchase price with a good score on the safety test too.
  • The Mini Cooper S has been place into car insurance group 15. It’s a more expensive car than the Mini One it has more power engine 1.6 litre and has a greater purchase price. This car is a lot of fun to drive offering a pleasant driving experience and performance is excellent. Safety score was good too.

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